Scooops Kids Spa
Proprietary Brands

Over the years, Great Wolf Resorts has created proprietary brands to enhance the Great Wolf Lodge experience. As manager, Great Wolf Resorts can assist prospective clients in seamlessly adding these amenities to current assets.


Our spa experience created just for kids with ice cream themed treatments.  Every little princess can enjoy a manicure, pedicure or mini-facial followed by a delicious ice cream sundae!  Designed to appeal especially to ages 4-12.

Cub Club

The Cub Club craft and activity center is both fun and educational!  Our guests can create unique craft souvenirs or experience our nature-themed programming.


A one-of-a-kind live action adventure game.  Armed with high-tech wands, families must solve magical challenges throughout the resort to become 'Master Magi' and defeat a fierce dragon!


Our teen tech center that offers supervised Tech Jockey, Video Games, Computer Stations, Guitar Hero Contest, Dance Nights, Karaoke, and other fun activities enjoyed by our tween and teenage guests.


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